Monday, July 30, 2007

ESL Job Hunt in Morocco

Long are the days of Morocco being solely a Francophone country. With Marrakech alone, having the goal of ten million tourists visiting by 2010, now more than ever English is in high demand and this is not limited to Marrakech.

Before starting out, be sure to obtain a TEFL/TESOL Certificate which is required for securing a job. Visit our site for more information on certification. Once you've successfully completed your certification, finding well-paid work should not be difficult in cities such as Marrakech, Casablanca, Rabat and Fes. However, it is strongly suggested that you come to Morocco to find the right job for you. Often by email, we, ESL teachers, are given great promises before we come only to find upon arrival that they are far from true. Doing your job search on site helps distinguish fact from fiction as well as getting a feel for the country and the culture.

To start, you can locate schools in a given city, by looking at the on-line yellow pages or esl job search engines. You can either send a resume and cover letter beforehand to arrange interviews or show up, visit schools and arrange interviews then. What's most important is do not accept any post without visiting the school first and talking to at least one or two of the teachers who work there.

Below is a list of reputable schools we found;

American Academy
American Language Center
Amideast Morocco
British Center
British Council Morocco
Business and Professional English Center - BPEC
Casablanca American School
George Washington Academy
Lingua plus
Pigier Maroc

American Language Institute
Amicitia American School of Fes

Al Akhawayn University

American Language Center

American Language Center
Amideast Morocco
British Council Morocco
International Language Lab Center
Language Lab
Rabat American School

Lingua plus

English College of Tangier Chams School
The American School of Tangier

English Language Institute of Tetouan