Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Free 35 hours On-line Business Course

Due to an increasing demand for an on-line Teaching Business English program, The Language House is pleased to offer its newest program for free to its Fall TEFL graduates. Register for our September 2011 TEFL courses by August 1st and upon successful completion of the course, you will receive our 35 hours online Business English course absolutely free.

Take advantage of this offer and position yourself as a Business English teacher. Come and Join Us! G.G.

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Saturday, July 02, 2011

Believe What you Want to Believe

Our beliefs are powerful drivers that cause us either to succeed or fail all depending on, of course, whether or not our beliefs are empowering or limiting. Any given situation can have an infinite number of interpretations. How is it that there could be 20 different witnesses to the exact same event and yet all 20 give different accounts as to what happen? Its how we choose to interpret the situation that gives us meaning. Often what directs our interpretations are our beliefs.

So whether or not you can or cannot do something all comes down to whether or not you believe you can do it. The next time there is something you'd like to accomplish but you find yourself holding back, ask yourself "why". If you think you can't accomplish something that you know you want, write down all the reasons why you think you can do it and all the reasons why you think you can't. Look at the list with all of the "can'ts" and see if you can spot all of those which are actually limiting beliefs. Things that you believe to be true that stop you from acting. Isolate those and ask yourself:

Where does this belief come from?
Who gave me this belief?
What is it costing me to continue believing this?

Use these questions to challenge your limiting beliefs with the aim of overcoming them. G.G.

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