Tuesday, September 07, 2010

English Teaching Jobs

While taking your TEFL program, though it may be added work, you should be actively searching for an English teaching job. Don't wait until the end of your course to start looking. A good TEFL program should provide all of the tools to get started. A TESOL/TEFL Course's Job Program should include;

■ Advice for obtaining appropriate visas and contact information for relevant agencies to assist you.
■ Advice on preparing a CV/Resume and cover letter.
■ An open question and answer segment where trainees can get the information they need to get started on their job search.
■ Each trainee should receive individual and personalized guidance about setting up in the country of their choice from a staff member.
■ Trainees should be informed of what to expect in a job interview.
■ Lists of contacts of English language schools should be provided for the desired region.

While TEFL programs in the western world cannot realistically guarantee jobs after completion of the course, you should have the tools you need to get started. But remember, its ultimately up to you to take those tools and go after the job.


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