Saturday, April 14, 2007

Embracing Language without Language Lessons

So you've found yourself in your country of choice but you don't exactly speak the language. I've been there and still am. I've already suggested the "Language Exchange". This post, I'm going to talk about the "Act of Participation". Another great way to acquire the language needed is to do something you already enjoy or something you want to learn in a group setting.(It has to be with native speakers:)

I strongly suggest joining clubs that do things that you already have an interest in or something that is connected with the culture of the country of choice. When choosing a club, be sure to choose something that is not too physical. For example, I take Capoiera( a brasillian self-defense art form), it's very physical so we don't actually speak often when we do it, at least not in complete sentences. Therefore, it's great for my body but not for my French.

However, I also belong to a wine club. While the folks there are a little stuffy, there is nothing to do but talk and well of course drink wine. So great for my French but, in the long run, probably bad for my body.(We drink A LOT of wine in one night)

No matter what type of groups you join, all are good for meeting new people, making new friends and networking(making friends with the friends of the people you meet in your club). It can't hurt... well it should'nt anyway.

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