Saturday, September 08, 2007

How Difficult is it, really, to Find a Teaching Job in France?

As of late, I am being asked this question a lot. So let's have a look at the facts...

Yes, it's true that France in general is grappling with a high unemployment rate. This situation is not much different from it's neighbors such as Spain, Germany and Italy. This fact alone is not really a good indicator of job-finding success in ESL positions as the demand within this field does not fluctuate with the employment rate. Rather, ESL jobs are dependent on the demand for English in a given country. That said, in comparision with its neighbors forementioned and many other countries, there is a lower demand for English in France.

This situation is gradually changing right before our eyes as now there are certain regions/cities that are developing a strong demand for English, especially Business English. Cities where one can most easily find a teaching job are, Paris, Lyon, Marseille and Nice(including the region surrounding Nice)Toulouse comes in somewhere behind these.

The issue for cities like Paris and Lyon is that they are big and the cost of living is high. This brings with it the problems of finding decent affordable housing as well as the "mentality" of living a large metropolis.

For those of you, looking for jobs in smaller cities especially in the south, there are still jobs available however it will take a little more time and energy to find the position right for you. On the flip side, you will enjoy the more relaxed attitude in the smaller cities, lower prices, more choice in affordable housing options and a bit more helpful population of French people.

Bear in mind that when I say "small city" I am not refering to towns, little villages or hamlets. While these places embody the spirit of the French lifestyle, if the goal is to find a job, these are the places to be avoided. There is just not enough demand to sustain language schools.

As far as salary, expect to make between 1,200 and 1,600 euros per month if you have a contract position. Compared to other contries, the start up here takes a bit longer but once settled things here fall into place and you can begin to enjoy life in France. For more on this subject see our post,"How to Teach English in France" under the same category.

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Angela said...

I have been accepted into the Language House program in France for September 2008. I am interested in teaching in Italy. What is the best time of year to look for teaching jobs in Italy? What kind of support will I receive from the Language House when looking for a job in Italy?