Friday, January 18, 2008

How does The Language House Help its Graduates?

We often get asked what The Language House does to help its graduates find jobs. Its a good question seeing as many providers may offer a completely exhausting course program however at the end of the four weeks, there is little or no support to actually find a job abroad. Isn't this the whole point of the TESOL/TEFL course in the first place?

Realistically, most programs(especially outside of China and South-east Asia) cannot guarantee a full-time job after the course as it is up to the graduate to sell him/herself. However, there is a lot that can be done to support graduates and guarantee their success.

The Language House focuses mainly on finding jobs for their graduates in the Mediterranean countries of France, Italy, Spain, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and Turkey. Our support includes interviewing techniques, resume help, English language school contacts in above mentioned countries and strategy meetings for setting up in a new country. Along with optional language lessons in French, Spanish, Italian and Arabic after every course, our graduates are poised for finding a teaching job overseas.

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