Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Positive Side to the Financial Crisis?

Now more than ever, people are cutting back on travel due to current financial woes. However, if you've been wanting to travel in Europe, now and in the near future is probably the best time. Airfares are lower than ever before but ,more importantly, the euro is seriously falling against the dollar...a rather shocking development for anyone who must work in exchange rates regularly. 100 euros now equals 125 dollars and the euro is continuing to fall. In France and Italy, as people are rather pessimistic about the financial future, there are now more sales and discount opportunities than ever. The tourism industry is already hurting so this is definitely a time to take advantage of the situation.

How does this affect trends for teaching English? Often when there is a recession, people look to continuing education to hone their skills and make themselves more competitive in the job market. Therefore demand for English teachers should remain stable during these difficult times.

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