Saturday, March 14, 2009

Easing into Living Abroad

One way to ease into living abroad, or more specifically into the country of your choice is to take language lessons for about one month or longer. There are a lot of great benefits...obviously it allows you to learn the local language spoken but there's much more than just that.

1. It's a non stressful way to see if living in this particular country is right for you. Visiting for one week as a tourist will not give you the same impressions as being there for two months trying to get simple tasks done and getting to know the people.

2. Its a way to determine which region within that country is right for you. If you come from a rather large country, you may think a country like France or Italy couldnt possible be very diverse but then you'd be wrong. From region to region there are noticable differences and in spending a couple of months in the country of your choice you have the space and time to explore and decide the right place for you.

3. Its an opportunity to get to know the locals and exchange ideas. This is a time to see how much you really connect with the people who live in your target country. And if you can enjoy a life in their country...can you make friends?

4. Its a great opportunity to "case the place" as it were and scope out housing options and more importantly price ranges. You can also get advice from people living there how to find affordable and comfortable housing. Chatting on the net is often not enough. You have to see for yourself.

5. Its a great opportunity to check out the employment scene and research wages. While you're there, you can also make note of the cost of it a comfortable fit?

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