Saturday, December 05, 2009

How to Choose a TEFL/TESOL Course?

When looking on the net for possible TESOL/TEFL or CELTA programs, its overwhelming to see all the course providers out there. How does one decide which program to take?

Here are some guidelines;

1. Forget about programs in your home country and online courses as you really should take a program located in the region where you would like to live. For further details as to why I stand by this rule visit our section called "TESOL/TEFL/ESL Advice".

2. While, there is no doubt that CELTA is the oldest certificate of its kind, now more than ever TESOL/TEFL and CELTA are recognized around the world as certification for teaching English Abroad. How you choose which certificate is simple. The program formats are very similar...both provide observed teacher practice, teaching techniques, grammar and phonology components for example. However, the major difference lies in job assistance or rather lack there of. If you wish to have solid job support, advice for setting up in the country of your choice and job contacts, you should choose a TEFL/TESOL certificate program because this is the added feature to most TEFL/TESOL programs that CELTA does not provide.

3. Look for a program that is externally moderated by a non profit organization. External moderation ensures that the course you are taking answers to a neutral entity and follows international guidelines laid out by the British Council.

4. Even though you should take a course in the region where you want to live, you should be looking for a company that has a knowledge base which extends past one country. Look for a course that can really provide international job support, not just say the words.

5. Lastly, contact potential course providers and ask them what they will do to help ensure your success in finding a job. That is the whole point of taking the course, correct? Don't pay to take a course with any organization that cant provide you with details on their job assistance. Answering,"Oh well, once you have our certifcate, it will be easy to find work." is not a sufficient response.

At the Language House we focus on the Mediterranean region which includes France, Italy, Spain, Morocco, Turkey and their neighboring countries. The qualities that make us stand out from the rest are:

- We provide small class sizes for personalized attention.
- We are the only program that focuses on one select region which guarantees expertise on living and teaching in Mediterranean countries as well as our clients get insider advice from our local staff.
- Our teaching practice takes place in practicing English language schools as well as mainstream educating bodies (Real Time Teaching).
- We offer the unique ability to aid in finding work and lodging not only in the Mediterranean but internationally.
- We don't just provide a TESOL program, we provide the "how to" information to set up and live abroad as an English teacher.

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