Friday, June 04, 2010

Nice, France TEFL Certificate

There are some great reasons to come to Nice, France to get TEFL Certified and start teaching English.

1. The demand for English teaching in this region is increasing rapidly. This is the case for the university system as well as private English language schools and Sophia Antipolis, a major office park near Nice.

2. There is an even higher demand for Business English where an English teacher can earn more money.

3. While Nice is touristic, its touristic for a reason. Nice and the rest of the Cote d'Azur is drop dead gorgeous. From the sea to the mountains (yes mountains) there are endless things to see and do. From wine tasting to hiking to water sports to fantastic nightlife. Nice has it all.

4. Nice is in close proximity to other beautiful cities and regions where one can visit. Places such as Cannes, Monte Carlo, Grasse, St Paul de Vence, Eze Village and St Tropez. Not mention the fact that Nice's international airport makes it easy to reach from just about anywhere.

5. Our trainers at the Nice center are able to provide job advice and assistance for all areas in the Mediterranean so even if you're not planning to stay in Nice, you can still be set on the right path to finding the English teaching post you want in the Mediterranean country you want. You also have access to our graduate- only website which provides updated information on finding jobs all over the Mediterranean.

6. No matter where your travels may take you after the course, our center also provides language instruction in French, Italian (Nice is very close to the Italian border), Spanish and Arabic. This training can take place either before or after the TEFL Course.

7. Our course provides invaluable teaching practice with local students which ensures success when attaining your English teaching post abroad.

8. The Nice center is located in the center of Nice and accomodations are always near the school so you won't miss out on local festivals, activities, nightlife and of course an easy walk to the beach.

9. The locals or rather the "Nicois" are very down to earth and friendly which makes time spent outside of classes enjoyable.

10. As Nice benefits from a microclimate, no matter when you decide to take the course, the weather will be mild, there will be sun and,of course, the sea will always be a beautiful azur blue.

So what's stopping you from coming over to do the TEFL Course in Nice, France?

Come and join us!


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