Sunday, February 20, 2011

How Long will it Take to get an ESL Job Abroad?

If I had a nickel for everytime I've been asked this question...The answer? Well, it depends on the country and region. Of the regions where there is a demand for teaching English, the Mediterranean countries often do not offer instant gratification. But that's only in comparision with countries such as China, U.A.E. and South east Asia where one can get a job in a matter of days.

Despite the economic crisis, ESL teachers are finding positions in France, Italy, Morocco and the rest of region in a timely manner. I'll admit that after each TEFL course we give, some people find work right away, as in a matter of days and others do not find work for several weeks. I don't have a solid answer as to why but I can say that there seems to be some consistent themes;

1. Personality and Positivity often prevail. Those who succeed in securing work weren't necessarily the best during their TEFL course but clearly were able to communicate their ideas well in an interview. And you must be positive in believing that you can find work. If you beleive that you won't find a job, you're probably right.

2.Timing should also be considered. Looking for work in July and August really arent the best times to look for work as everyone goes on vacation. Late September/October, January and March/April are the best times to look for work.

3. Persistance is the key to anything in life and finding work abroad is no different. If you give up after two weeks of looking, you probably won't succeed. Imagine, even if you were to change cities in your home country and look for work, wouldn't you allow more than two weeks to find a suitable job?

4. Money dovetails onto persistance as you need to have a money cushion saved in the first place to allow you the time necessary to find work.

5. Lastly, you really need a TEFL certificate to be competitive. I know this wasnt the case a few years ago but times are changing as more and more people are certified to teach ESL. On line courses just dont cut it but then again they never did.

Now more than ever before, English language teachers are in demand just about everywhere but be prepared to do a little work.


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