Sunday, April 03, 2011

Plan to Live Abroad

So imagine that you've decided to live abroad and you have enrolled on a TEFL program..that's a great start especially if you've enrolled on a course that's located in the country where you'd like to live. But that's not enough. What happens when the course is finished? Then what will you do? Before you leave home spend some time researching the country that you'll be heading to. Maybe take a language course so that you'll have at least some basic knowledge of the language. Connect with others who are either planning to do the same thing as you or who are already doing it and find out their perspective of things.

Develop a plan of action for what you will do first, second, third etc. and save up as much money as possible before leaving home. Try to imagine potential things that could go wrong and think of the solutions before they occur.

I realize that one of the reasons why people decide to live abroad is to have a freer lifestyle that is more spontaneous so the act of planning sort of detracts from that idea. However, if you want to accomplish a major project such as moving to a different country, you should plan ahead if only to avoid wasting time and money. Once you've got a job and a place to live then you can begin to explore a life of more spontaneity. G.G.

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Fresh Garden said...

That's true, very inspiring!
Thanks for sharing. :)