Monday, October 01, 2012

A Reality of Living Abroad

If the plan is to move abroad on your own, then, be prepared to spend at least some of your time on your own. Yes, its true that you will make friends and there will be people who will help you. However, there will also be times when you will have to do things on your own in situations where you may be the only foreigner and you may not speak the language well. That's part of the deal when you move to a new country.

The key is not to try to avoid challenging situations but accept them. Embrace the challenge because the more you do things that force you to stretch outside of your comfort zone, the easier things become; you begin to feel more comfortable in the new country and these challenges will only make you stronger.

One thing you can do is research the country where you'd like to live but more importantly talk to people online who are already living there and doing what you hope to be doing. Find out their advice and what things they tried that were successful or unsuccessful. I say it all the time but living abroad is not for everyone. The more informed you are the more likely you'll be successful.

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