Sunday, May 29, 2011

Benefits from Joining The Language House TEFL Programs

As The Language House is now enjoying its 6th year in operation, we've been asking ourselves how we can add more value to our TEFL course services in France, Italy, Morocco and Turkey. And the answer for us is to provide more tools and products to help our clients get started living abroad as efficiently as possible. So in the coming months, we will be launching several new products and tools that will enhance your quest of living abroad in the country of your choice.

Just a few added bonuses for attending our accredited 4 week TEFL program will include:

-The Language House Teaching English Abroad Guide

-Unlimited access to our updated ESL jobs website for graduates only

-A 10% discount off our 35 hours online Business English course to be released September 2011

-As always, Unlimited job support upon successfull completion of the program

- As always, Our course manual with all teaching techniques, grammar, phonology as well as everything you would need to teach anywhere in the world.

Come and Join Us!


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