Sunday, May 08, 2011

To Live Abroad Means to be Flexible

So we will assume that one of the reasons that you left your home country is because you were looking for something different than what you are used to. If that's not the case and infact you are looking for your host country to provide you with a lifestyle that resembles that of your home country, you will most likely encounter problems as well as miss out on one of the best reasons for living abroad in the first place.

To live abroad happily, you must be flexible. We (expatriates) are uninvited guests. That doesn't mean unwelcomed but it does mean that we must be the ones who bend to the cultural demands of a given country. When we do that, you'll find that the results of your dealings with others will improve. To conform to these unspoken cultural rules, however, you must pay attention to what goes on around you and take an interest in others, especially the local people. If you are not going to take a serious interest in the culture,language and people of the country you're in, why bother living abroad? Being flexible and modifying your behavior instead of waiting for others to change for you is the single most important thing one can do to intergrate and enjoy their stay abroad as well as it could possibly make you a better person in the long run:) G.G.

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